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WCC Music Students Rock Their Mid Term Exams

Doug Flynn, Recording Engineer Major Rocks his MUS 146 class

Doug Flynn presented his music/comedian stylings to his song writing class, MUS 146 at Washtenaw Community College’s coffee shop Bakuzios last night.

He sang a song about his experience riding the Amtrak. His song reminding me of Zach Galifianaki’s (Form the Movie the Hangover) stand up material.

This was the mid term exam for the class. They all had to write and perform an original song. It seemed like a mix of an open mic/public speaking class. Some of the students were a little nervous, but I think the point was to practice getting up on stage along with presenting the students song writing skills.

Spencer Michaud (above five pictures) was the instructor for the class. He jumped in as a back up musician if a student did not know how to play an instrument and they just wanted to sing their song.

“We teach lyrics, song form, music theory, cords..” said Michaud. “The class is about developing confidence, creativity, a positive environment and reenforcement.”

The class will be back for another show for their final exam on May 2. 2011 around 6pm at Bakuzios located in the WCC Student Center.

WCC Music Program
check out the classes Facebook page

Doug and Spencer

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