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No Break for a Dancing Fool

Walk into the Morris Lawrence Building on the Washtenaw Community College campus and you may see David Daly, WCC’s resident dancing fool.

Daly can be seen improvising tap dance moves with accompanying music being played on his IPad. He taps in his Converse All Star sneakers instead of the formal black shoes with steal tips, but you can still hear the rhythmic tap beat coming off of his feet.

Like most other weeks, Daly, a Math and Science and a Music Production major, spent his spring break dancing. He practices 15 hours a week on a variety of dance forms.

“I do B-boy (break dancing) and street tap competitions,” said Daly. “I am working on combining tap and B-boy.”

Daly jokes about his strategy to win competitions.

“The key is to make a move look as hard as possible,” said Daly.

Daly shows what he means by getting on the floor and executing a move where he is holds up his body in a horizontal handstand. He then takes this move to another level by holding up his entire body weight for a few seconds with one hand.

“It can be about attitude and getting into a competitors face,” said Daly about winning at B-boy. “But usually the person with the best moves will win the battle.”

When Daly is not practicing or competing, he is teaching dance classes.

“I teach ballroom and swing dance,” said Daly.

He is new to tap dancing and holds the people who do the traditional Irish tap dancing in high regard.

“It is crazy what those people do,” said Daly. “It is mid-evil the way those folks practice.”

Tap dancing did not come easy to Daly. He has been at it for a few years and he only now feels like he is starting to get it. He has been through a number of dance classes at WCC including a Broadway style tap dancing.

For more information about WCC’s Dance program go to School of Music and Performing Arts.

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