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Bang for the buck chart

Gov. Snyder has been pushing his budget as a fair and economically smart thing to do to get Michigan’s economy going again.

His budget which raises taxing on the poor and lowers unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 20 will do the opposite.

At the same time Snyder is giving a $1.8 billion tax to businesses.

The chart above shows how much stimulis bang for the buck, various programs provide. Almost last on the list is corporate tax cuts. For every dollar spent (or lost in tax revenue), we get back $.30 in economic stimulis.

At the top are food stamps (or say money for the poor) and unemployment benefits.

Infrastructure (can anyone say pot holes) takes in $1.56 in economic stimulis on the dollar.

So what does the genius nerd do the minute he gets in office?

He spends $1.8 billion, so he can lose $.70 on ever dollar spent.

We might get better odds taking our money to the casino in Detroit.

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