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Occupational Education Building Lobby: A Study Pub Again

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

WCC student enjoying the OE lounge

Off the beaten path so to speak is the Occupational Education Building. Unless you have a class in one of the technical majors that has classes in the building, most students probably have not venture into the OE.

For some time, the lobby area was empty because of the construction, but it now has a fully furnished lounge and study area that is nice and inviting to students who want a place to eat their lunch and study that is less crowded than the Student Center.

Sabina, a Secondary Education major said she used to come to the OE lobby a lot before the construction started.

“Now that it is all done, it is really nice,” said Sabrina.

The lobby has comfortable chairs and side tables and a bunch of taller tables to sit and meet with friends over lunch.

And on rainy days, the OE lobby provides the perfect lookout for those waiting for the bus.

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