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WCC’s New President Search Committee is still searching

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Three candidates were in the running for WCC president, but the search committee wanted to find more candidates. The current president of WCC Larry Whitworth has been in the position for 13 years.

The next president may have the job for 10-15 years, so the committee wants to make sure we get the right person for the job.

Washtenaw Community College reopens search for new president after conducting interviews, by Kyle Feldscher, Ann

The search for the next president of the Washtenaw Community College is being reopened after the college’s board of trustees interviewed three candidates earlier this month, an official said today.

Pam Horiszny, chair of the WCC Board of Trustees, said trustees simply felt they hadn’t yet found the right fit for the college. She said trustees wanted to insure that they make the best decision.


Occupational Education Building Lobby: A Study Pub Again

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

WCC student enjoying the OE lounge

Off the beaten path so to speak is the Occupational Education Building. Unless you have a class in one of the technical majors that has classes in the building, most students probably have not venture into the OE.

For some time, the lobby area was empty because of the construction, but it now has a fully furnished lounge and study area that is nice and inviting to students who want a place to eat their lunch and study that is less crowded than the Student Center.

Sabina, a Secondary Education major said she used to come to the OE lobby a lot before the construction started.

“Now that it is all done, it is really nice,” said Sabrina.

The lobby has comfortable chairs and side tables and a bunch of taller tables to sit and meet with friends over lunch.

And on rainy days, the OE lobby provides the perfect lookout for those waiting for the bus.

Fun Fashion at WCC

March 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Some times you walk by someone in the Student Center and you just have to know their story. This was one of those times.

Meet Beni. He is a Network Security major who happens to also fancy walking around campus with funny ears/horns/antenna on his head.

“I found them in a box,” said Beni.

Beni says that he loves Washtenaw. He transferred from Eastern Michigan University from the nursing program.

He felt that Emu was too big. He came from a town where his high school had a few hundred students. The some 20,000 at Eastern was a culture shock.

“It [WCC] is more down home,” he said. ” And it is cheaper.”

Sandwich and a Cookie

March 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Displayed on a bed of ice with a dramatic light shining through and a neon open signed sits Garrett’s lunch time sandwich offerings.

Today was BLT’s with in house made bread, chicken with pita and tuna salad.

The cost is $5.00 which included a $1 coupon for the Sweet Spot, the student room bake shop open from 12:00-1:00 Tues-Thurs.

Their is usually no line at Garrett’s sandwich bar and you are supporting your fellow WCC culinary students by choosing the over other food concessions.


Garretts After Dark: Dinner and a Movie

March 16, 2011 Leave a comment

One of the best entertainment deals at Washtenaw Community College is Dinner and Movie. For $15, you get dinner for two at Garrett’s Restaurant (located in the Student Center) Friday night dinners and two movie passes to Quality 16 theaters.

There was a full house of 43 dinners last Friday with many taking the Dinner and Movie offer. Tickets for Dinner and Movie are available at the cashier counter on the second floor of the Student Center.

The meals at Garrett’s are based on a theme. Last Friday’s theme was an all vegetarian meal, which included a vegan offering. The meals come with rolls/bread, an appetizer, choice of soup or salad, an entree and dessert.

Garret’s Friday night service also offers a variety of beverage service with some nights featuring wine, beer or specialty alcoholic beverage.

They do not offer alcohol every night, however. On vegetarian night, Garret’s featured a table side tea service and they will be featuring smoothies on another night this semester.

Seating for the Friday night service begins at 5:30pm. The cost is around $15 per person. Cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card are accepted. There is an additional cost of $4.95 for the beverage tasting. Reservations are encouraged, and you can call 734-973-3592 to reserve a table. Upcoming dinners include:

* March 11: Vegetarian menu with tea tasting
* March 18: St. Patrick’s Day beer tasting
* March 25: Catch of the day with fruit smoothie tasting
* April 1: Southwestern celebration with margarita tasting
* April 8: Spring into summer with BBQ and beer tasting

Here is a run down of the meal:

Waldorf Salad

Broccoli Soup

Hummus w/pita Appetizer

Tea Service


Lasagna with wild mushrooms

Spinach Pie w/green beans

Paneer Cheese w/Indian spiced sauce over rice

Thai Coconut Curry Tofu over rice (vegan)


Trio Of creme burlee

Apple Tart with ice cream

Rice Pudding

Ice Cream(Blueberry)

They offered nine different varieties of ice cream including blueberry, vanilla, chocolate, green tea, pistachio, strawberry…

Where the Wild Things Are: WTMC Students Fun Fashion

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Shey and Grace: WCC WTMC Students
Shey, a WTMC student, scampers around the Student Center strumming on her violin and showing off your furry fashion style. Her look includes fury ears, a tail and furry boots.

Shey’s friend Grace, sporting a stylish hat, jumps into the picture to pal around. 

Washtenaw Community College Richard W. Bailey Library Cracking Down on Food

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

No Food in the Richard W. Bailey Library at WCC

I knew something was up when I (and I think all WCC students) received an email from Victor Liu, the Dean of Learning Resources, about helping to keep food out of the Richard W. Bailey Library. (click on image below to read the email)

“We were a little lenient about allowing snacks in the library,” said Bethany Kennedy, Director of Access Services.

“But is started getting out of hand. People were ordering pizzas and getting delivery from Jimmy Johns. Students were also taking their Subway sandwiches and plates of food from the Student Center and taking them into the private study rooms.”

Kennedy noted that the custodian staff commented about having to clean up  the mess left behind.

“We have computer equipment and books, so we need to keep our facility clean so their is no damage,” said Kennedy.

Now a large sign located as you walk into the library clearly states the library’s food policy and the staff is now making the rounds to enforce it.

This means that students will have to have their pizza parties some where else.

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